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So you’ve seen my photos and now you’re wondering if you want me to come to your wedding?

Family, friends, old school mates and work colleagues will all make the shortlist but I’ll be there for a different reason.

Things that I won’t do if you invite me to your wedding:

  1. Be late
  2. Get drunk
  3. Forget to load my film
  4. Crack onto your bridesmaids (or groomsmen for that matter)
  5. Interrupt your ceremony
  6. Blind you with flash
  7. Tell you when to smile
  8. Bring an entourage
  9. Miss your first kiss
  10. Take forever to have your photos ready

But I will;

  1. Capture the day as it unfolds
  2. Blend in with your guests
  3. Talk to your grandma
  4. Help your groomsmen put on their flowers
  5. Be there as long as you want
  6. Make you feel relaxed
  7. Enjoy your day
  8. Stay out of the way
  9. Be ready for anything
  10. Be jealous of your honeymoon

Wherever your wedding is I’ll go there. Coffs Harbour, Yep. Sydney, Yep. Byron Bay, You bet. New York…are you serious?…definitely.

What about me then?

  1. I love my wife Leah and my four little people Hamish, Archer, Jude and Betty.
  2. If I’m not shooting weddings or editing I want to be riding my bikes or surfing
  3. While not a total tech head. I dig Nikon cameras and Apple computers
  4. I’d be a happy boy if the Parramatta Eels won the premiership
  5. I love good food and real coffee
  6. I want to travel more than I do
  7. I’ve shot over 450 weddings but still get excited everytime
  8. I collect old film cameras and especially love my Contax
  9. I miss the look of film
  10. I love going to weddings

It’s your wedding. There are no rules. Do things the way you want.

I’ll check the mail for my invite.

If you’d like more info or pricing please email or phone 0408 404 760